So you have a youtube video or channel with some content that you have made and now you are wondering how to upload or add that youtube video to tiktok.

Well there are basically two ways to do this:
i ) Edit the youtube video for tiktok then upload it
ii) Use a simple software to generate a tiktok video in minutes from a youtube video.

Do it Manually
For the first method you would first need to download your youtube video then use a video editing software like adobe premiere to shorten the video and add captions to finally produce a short tiktok format video of about 15 to 30 seconds.

This would not be ideal for most people as not everyone knows how to edit video or even has the tools or the time to do that. Or you could just pay someone to make the videos for you, which is okay if you can afford it but they may not be able to do it as fast or as well as you would like.

Use software to do it in minutes
That’s why for this article I will focus on the second method where I will show how to use a simple software called pictoty bot to quickly generate your tiktok videos. The software is online and works through your browser so you don’t have to download it or install it on your computer.
It is also very cheap and will not cost you a lot of money to use. You can even get a free trial just to see if it works for you before buying it.

How to convert your youtube video to tiktok
You can watch this short video that will show you how to use pictory bot to make a tiktok video from youtube. This method will work best if you do it from your computer although it may also work if you are doing it from a tablet or ipad.

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Step by step

1. First find & open the youtube video you want to put on tiktok and then right click on the video and select copy url.

2. Then go to pictory and sign up for a FREE trial and login.

3. Then select the ‘Edit video using text’ option.

4. On the next page you will paste the youtube video url right below where it says ‘Youtube video link’ then click on the proceed button.
So what will happen is that the software will transcribe the video, which is writing out whatever is being talked about in the video in to an article of sorts. From which you will be able to select highlights of what was said in the video.
The highlights you select within pictory will then be added to the actual video you are creating.

5. Once the video is fully loaded it will show you the video transcript in paragraphs like what is shown below. So each paragraph represents a clip or moment in the entire youtube video.

6. To include a part of the video in your tiktok highlight on the paragraph text and select the ‘Add to highlights option’. So you would go through the text high lighting the parts you want to include until the video is 30sec or 60 seconds long which is the standard length for tiktok.

7. Then click on customize highlights video to get a preview of your tiktok video. From there you can make further edits to your video like adding custom graphics or voice overs. Also note that captions will be automatically added to the video but you can also remove them if you don’t want them.

8. To change the video format to one used on tiktok click on the format menu on the left side and select ‘9:16 portrait’ option. You can also select if you want a 720p or 1080p quality video.

9. Once you are done you can click on the ‘Generate highlights video ‘ to generate a complete video you can download immediately.

That is how to upload a youtube video to tiktok easily.  Click Here to Try Pictory Today


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